Alert in Lucero’s family for COVID-19: the singer and her daughter were infected


The list of personalities from the entertainment world who have suffered from the coronavirus infection continues to increase, and now it is Lucero who revealed that both she and her daughter, Lucero Mijares, tested positive for the COVID-19 disease some time ago.

As part of a preview of the “Much to Tell” section that the famous actress and singer shares with her followers on her YouTube channel, the magazine TVNotas uncovered a fragment of the confession that will be released in its entirety soon in the space digital of the singer of Electricidad and Always with you.

I want to tell you that I was infected with COVID, I was infected with COVID and fortunately I got out of itThank goodness and there are many factors that helped me to be well. I want to tell you because it is not something that has to be hidden, it is a world situation to which we are all exposed ”, begins by recounting the famous, who did not specify when the contagion that she and her daughter suffered occurred.

(Photo: screenshot YouTube official channel Lucero) (Photo: screenshot YouTube official channel Lucero)

Lucero stressed that upon learning of his positive diagnosis “he felt very afraid”, however he focused on acting responsibly, since he has been strictly careful with the health measures recommended and disseminated by the authorities.

“The day I discover through a PCR test that I am positive, I immediately feel a lot of fear, fear, I start to think how it will play me. I have taken all precautions, I used the mask at all times, I have limited my outings since this began, I have tried to be sensible, in the concerts via streaming that I gave no one was infected, but well now it happened “, added the famous in the video which will be shared in its entirety on Friday, February 19.

The also protagonist of Televisa soap operas such as Lazos de amor and Los parientes sociales recounted how she experienced the symptoms of the disease that has claimed millions of lives around the world since its emergence more than a year ago.


“I felt a little tired when exercising but I did not identify it as a symptom of Covid, I thought that maybe I was more tired, but there were more details that made me decide to take the test, and I do not know how it slipped. When I came out positive, I felt very scared, you don’t know what could happen; Fortunately, I was able to get immediate attention from doctors who are experts on the subject. It is important to take care of time, take my medications as prescribed from the beginning, and have complete health, I do not have any disease, I exercise, I eat well and I think that helped me not to get serious.

The ex-wife of Manuel Mijares explained how he suffered from the disease, although he admitted that his symptoms were moderate: “I did not feel breathing problems, I had no problems with oxygenationYes, I had certain symptoms and discomforts, but nothing serious, and that is why I did not want to say it at the time I was infected so as not to worry the people who love me and be careful with how I evolved.

He added “I was very sorry that I infected to my daughter, but she reacted perfectly and I am very grateful to God that she has done very well and that she is healthy ”. He finished by exhorting “I want to ask you to please continue to take care of yourself, not to lower your guard. Still can’t sing victory, the virus it can be very dangerous, we must take care of ourselves and the people we love ”.

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