Aleksander Ceferin he is president of the UEFA since 2016 and since then, the relationship with the Conmebol, chaired by Alejandro Domínguez. Therefore, he spoke of the possibility that the Intercontinental Cup and even revealed that he is sympathetic to River.

With respect to Intercontinental, the Slovenian leader explained: “We have not specifically discussed it, but I can say that it was a fantastic competition, it is not only my opinion, but the opinion of the UEFA, the CONMEBOL and the clubs. I could not say that this will not happen, but the thing is that we have to talk about the post coronavirus calendar to see where we could place a competition like that. But surely this is one of the competitions that I regret that it no longer exists. “

In addition, he said that he plans to contact Diego Maradona in the future. “Diego Maradona He is one of the best, if not the best player of all time. I agree that it is also part of the history of the UEFA. Why not … We could try to connect with him for a project in the future, “he said in an interview with Infobae.

And he was also consulted by Lionel Messi. “We are very connected with Argentina. Argentine players are among the most important in Europe, we have many Argentine players, so we are connected and of course, as you know, I am also connected with Argentina for my dear friend Hernán Zupan (Argentine businessman of Slovenian origin) “, he indicated Ceferin.

Finally, he explained why he sympathizes with River. “You know what? I didn’t have it, but how do I see that Hernán He is a big fan, I sympathize with River Plate. But mainly because of him and the people I met. I met the president of River Plate and he is a very nice gentleman, we play soccer against his coach and his team. And so, if you ask me which team I prefer in Argentina, my answer is River Plate“he concluded.