Alejo Stivel (Argentina, 1959), together with Ariel Roth created the group ‘Tequila’ with mythical songs like Salta, Rock and Roll in the town square. In addition to being a singer, he is a producer with hits such as 19 days and 500 nights by Joaquín Sabina or discovering talents such as ‘La Oreja de Van Gogh’ or ‘El Canto del Loco’. In 2017 he returned solo with I was an animal and during this confinement he has presented Rubia. A single that is the reason for this delicious conversation of music and soccer.

-What have you done during the time the confinement lasted?

-I’ve been using the time very well. I was tidying up the house. With the frenetic life that I usually do not stop at home, I have been like this for many years. Photos, memories, contracts, song lyrics, records, magazines accumulate. That has become a mountain and the time never came. I spent seven hours a day for a month. Once everything was arranged, I wanted to get this new song out and since it was possible to make a video clip, I got together with the musicians from their house. I will record the longest song in the studio.

-What surprises have you found?

-Old photos as a child, letters from my parents going on a trip, vinyl singles … some happy memories, some a little sadder …

-It was wonderful to see how music has been a source of creation during confinement …

– It is necessary to bear in mind that one has things to say things all the time. Many people have done wonderful things and not only culture, so many with solidarity and all are important. What we have done this takes care of our soul. Within our profession we have done what we could.

“Singers or writers have moved us several times, they have taken care of our souls”

Alexius Stivel

-Take care of the soul, what three words.

-The singers, the writers, those who have made movies or series that have moved us several times or read articles, they have taken care of our souls. There are many things that can be exciting. We try to counteract the reckless who go out and throw away those who take care of health.

-What do we find with Rubia?

-Blonde is a rock love song to the limit. You could say heartbreak but I prefer to call it love. Because although desperate, it brings a vital and positive tone to that story. It is inspired by a wonderful, unique woman. But it is already known that the gentlemen do not comment on the details. And I hope to be one of them.

-How was the recording of the video at home?

– I am the least digital person in the world, I am an illiterate. I have good advisers, musicians and the technician who recorded the song. I’m well surrounded, it would only be a disaster. I don’t even have a computer. But there is no other choice and the new abnormality that will come will be very digital. We must seek life those who are not as developed. In a life that we have been so busy and this process, if you have known how to take advantage of it is very good, it connects you to another place and forces you to an internal dialogue that one does not have.

-What have you learned from learning these days at home?

-I’m doing gymnastics with my teacher on WhatsApp, he told me that I could go again and I told him I’m not going anymore. I made a calculation that took half an hour to arrive and a half to return. Two hours a week for a month is eight hours and now I can use them for whatever I want.

-Have you missed soccer?

-Much. We lived surrounded by soccer two or three games a week and, suddenly, they cut it and it makes you cute. It is an important part of life for those of us who consume soccer. There is a lot of offer and suddenly they cut it off. In this time soccer was reduced to speculation of signing, it is all that it has given us.

-I read that he was from Rayo … besides Barcelona, ​​of course …

-The Rayo is nice to me because it is a small team, Vallecas is a place with tradition, the working class and Madrid, sympathy exudes me. I’m from Barça and Racing de Avellaneda, I’m from those two teams.

“Rayo is nice to me because it is a small team, Vallecas is a place with tradition, the working class and Madrid”

Alexius Stivel

-And how do you see Barça?

Barça is in a moment of transition, we are still living the end of the cycle that I hope will last a tad more because I see Leo in shape. Piqué is still in shape, Busquets is a little more down. This great Barça is active but, without a doubt, the replacement must be prepared. I don’t even want to think when Leo retires, I will get a depression … but he still has a lot of play, he looks energetic, fast and fast. When he starts to falter, he should change his position and, given his technique, his intelligence and genius, he can end up being a Xavi, a director and a game dealer without having to run so much and wear so much. If you want you can have a long career. But you have to take a good look at the signings and the quarry.

-I’m surprised that you see him as a Xavi.

-Yes, when the brutal speed you have fails you. He takes care of himself and leads a very healthy life; others stayed on the road and did not take care of themselves. He will adapt, he is not a fast forward, he has a genius and a vision of the game that can be adapted wherever he wants.

-You who are the discoverer of musical talents, at Barça there is someone you like.

-I like Carlos Aleñá a lot; I like Ricky Puig too, Ansu Fati too. They are all promises and you already know from promises to realities many stay on the road. I like that Barça pull the quarry.

-Is this a good time for music?

-In rock is the complicated thing. For a long time nothing interesting has come out and the young people I see do not seem interesting to me. Leyva is a few years old, Cigars have been around for years. I don’t see much of young people.

-What are your plans with I was an animal

-First I would like is to make an entire video clip of Rubia and then see if we can act and see if we can do concerts. I hope it is as soon as possible.

– Is it necessary to return to the small places?

-They will be medium-sized places with people that fit in a small one.

-Is there a live music monkey?

-Of course I am also a music spectator. The last concert was that of Sabina and Serrat when Joaquín fell. You have to try not to get bitter and move on