Alejandro Zertuche: Not everything disappears with 2020

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At this moment, a large majority are thinking and hoping that 2020 will end because of everything that the pandemic brought us. Could we anticipate what 2021 holds for us? .

Thanks to this impact that has hurt the world in an unforeseen way, we can realize that we do not know anything about what 2021 holds for us. We cannot think of analyzing the data as we had before because we already saw that that was not possible during this pandemic. No international organization or experts that advanced results achieved get closer to impact that this would have and that it will be reflected in history.

In Mexico we are just getting a glimpse of the economic impact that all this has brought. Tens of thousands of SMEs are closing and will close even more at the end of this 2020, resulting in a large number of unemployed and therefore deeply hurting the base of the family economy. In addition to this, now the states will also face hanging with the budgets for 2021 that the federal government will grant them and in which it has precisely cut the items of support for health, employment and regional projects where this local economy is generated. Will we really be living in 2020 the worst year?

In Nuevo León, according to CANACOOnly in the services area, sales have been reduced by 33 percent compared to 2019 and the year is not over yet. This week it is announced that 32 thousand companies have gone bankrupt in CDMX, plus those that are added in the two months that follow. Although we don’t have a clear vision of what comes in 2021, if we can anticipate that we will have to face it with full force because it will be more shocking than the collective complaint of staying home, coupled with the loss of close loved ones due to this health crisis. We will continue to face all this during the following year as we try to move our country forward. It is clear that it is not only about the crisis that the entire planet is facing. To this is added that the best decisions have not been made to get less hurt from this process.

We have a 2021 where we will see anguish and uncertainty in a large percentage of Mexicans and in which we will also face an election process in our country that will make the environment hotter and more polarized. This will become a broth of emotions and situations that nobody can anticipate, as well as the impact that it may have. It’s time to Create awareness of what we really want for our country.

The great challenge we have is to navigate this path without fear, even knowing that difficult times are coming, while we focus on building community to unite and support Mexico from a new paradigm. This is a project that must be based on the citizens. From new leaderships that really project a co-creation effect of a better future for our country. We have the opportunity to leave behind the past behavior patterns that brought us to this moment that we are living and thus be able to consciously install the new patterns for this future reality.

A different vision of the future is what Mexico requires. In the midst of a difficult time few are those who can lead this vision. It is a commitment that must be carried out from the mission of redirecting Mexicans to a destination other than the one we are navigating today separately. It is not only about having a positive attitude, it is necessary to make ourselves aware that we will all have to do something in 2021 to be able to move forward together.

Can we really integrate a vision of unity for a better Mexico? Are we willing to leave polarization to integrate into one country? How far could we citizens change course? Where are the leaders we need for this paradigm shift? These are some of the questions that we must ask ourselves to start designing a new path. It is not easy, however at some point we will have to decide to take the first step before the water overflows our neck. Are we ready to face what is coming? .

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