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Luis Miguel It has gained strength again in 2021 after the premiere of the second season of its bioseries on Netflix.

As the chapters progress aspects of his life are becoming known that until now were hidden from their fans. In the same way, videos and statements by different celebrities about Luismi are emerging.

Recently, an old video began to circulate on social networks where the singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz full of praise for Luis Miguel and highlights that he is the best singer in Spanish.

In the event that took place in the second half of the nineties, the host of the concert asked the interpreter of ‘Corazón partío’ if he thought of making an album with boleros, something that he ruled out and said that there was no one like Luismi.

I believe that Luis Miguel is the one who has the best singing in Spanish. Really, things have to be recognized as they are. Luis Miguel is the one who sings the best “

The Madrid-born singer-songwriter pointed out that expressed from the point of view of a professional who is dedicated to listening to many people sing.

And I could say it of another person who sang very well, there are many people who sing very well, but he is the one who sings the best, and that must be recognized

Finally, Sanz stressed that it is a pride that ‘Micky’ sings in Spanish.

The unforgettable night that Alejandro Sanz and Luis Miguel lived

In the book ‘Anecdotes of him with myself ‘, by Miguel Ángel Arenas “Capi”, Alejandro’s manager in his early years, you can read a story where ‘the sun of Mexico’ had a good gesture with the Spaniard.

In February 1994, years before the declaration already mentioned in the concert, Alejandro was going to give his first recital in Viña from sea, but due to technical problems, his performance did not turn out as well as he expected, something that made him heartbroken.

The monster was clapping. Alejandro, despite the success, left the stage crying with rage. A great artist, Luis Miguel, immediately sent his entire team to us and we managed to get Alejandro out of there, inconsolable. Luis Miguel took us into his hotel suite, where he had set up his headquarters, and tried to tuck Alejandro in. It was something that at that time only another great artist could do, someone who, like him, knew what Alejandro was going through “

This gesture was the beginning of an unforgettable night. Luis Miguel sang, Alejandro Sanz played the guitar and Miguel Bosé danced.

Artists among artists. That’s when I realized that they tune to a different wavelength than what ordinary mortals use. Only they know how to heal each other’s wounds, only among themselves they speak the same language, they broadcast on the same frequency.

The next day Miguel Bosé performed and invited Alejandro Sanz to sing “Nada Particular”. And there was a dedication: ‘for Micky, who is watching us on television’.

Source: Excelsior

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