Alejandro Sanz sings at the opening of the Olympic Games, Tokyo

Alejandro Sanz sings at the opening of the Olympic Games, Tokyo | .

Those who were in the Olympic Stadium of Tokyo received a great surprise the moment the curtain finally rose from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that are being celebrated in 2021.

It was the singer Alejandro Sanz who impressed those who were watching the inauguration on his television when he left the stage and sing the song Imagine of John Lennon just for the ceremony with which those great contests began.

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“Today the honor to teleport me to another world I will be part of the inauguration ceremony of the Olympic Games. My voice will be everyone’s, ”Alejandro Sanz happily expressed in one of his Twitter posts.

It is important to note that these games are being carried out without public in the country of Japan and despite the disagreement of its inhabitants they are being carried out in this way.

Thanks to the regrowth and the complicated world situation, they could not be held in person and that is why they are being considered one of the Olympic games with the least attention in history, despite all the efforts to keep it alive, the situation.

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There have even been rumors about the low budget of the rooms for the participants so many memes have also been created about it.

The IOC noted that the Games are being held as said in summer 2021, however, they will retain the Tokyo 2020 name.

Having postponed the great event had its logistical complications such as the availability of venues in Japan, the alteration of the international sports calendars during whatever the new date selected, the reestablishment of the qualification processes and other considerations.

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