The singer Alejandro Sanz has offered this Sunday a surprise concert at the Moratalaz bridge on the M-30, a Madrid ring road with motorway characteristics, in an act organized by the City Council, which has named this walkway on the road with the name « Corazón Partío », which is the title of one of the great successes of this musician.

The artist from Madrid has offered this recital on the bridge known as de la Estrella, next to the Moratalaz district, where he grew up in the 80s, and thanked the commemorative plaque placed by the Madrid City Council.

Sanz has started his concert playing « Viviendo Deprisa », one of the songs contained in his 1991 album, the second of his career and the first one he released as Alejandro Sanz. It has continued with the recent « I sing for someone like you » and has ended with « Broken Heart ».

Before singing to those who were his neighbors in Moratalaz, Sanz contemplated the plaque placed on this M-30 bridge with the inscription « Partio Heart Bridge. In tribute to Alejandro Sanz. Neighbor of Moratalaz, he found inspiration in this bridge on its way to world recognition. Madrid is the city where dreams come true. « 

The Madrid singer has taken a photo with the mayor of Madrid, from the Popular Party (PP), José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the deputy mayor Begoña Villacís, from Ciudadanos, and the spokesperson for Más Madrid, Marta Higueras. The delegate for Culture, also from the PP, Andrea Levy, all wearing a mask, also attended the event.

« It has been an honor, I will never forget it in life », The singer said that he wanted this bridge to be « a symbol of unity for all » and dedicated the concert to his neighborhood, Moratalaz, and also to Estrella, on the other side of the M-30.

During the concert, which was attended in person by dozens of people, it was possible to see through an internet direct how the mayor of the capital and the Madrid councilors recorded with their mobile phones and chanted « Corazón Partío ».

Sanz had published a message this Sunday asking his followers to be aware of social networks because something was going to happen that made him excited and wanted to share.