Alejandro Rebolledo on Maduro’s front man structures

The maneuvers of the Nicolás Maduro regime to acquire resources and stay in power range from the so-called “dollar vacuum” as a way to accumulate foreign exchange for businesses supported by Iranian allies and that facilitate financial illicit at the expense of the Venezuelan people; This is how the Venezuelan magistrate and anti-money laundering specialist Alejandro Rebolledo clearly describes it in an interview for MiamiMundo.

The jurist has undertaken an arduous investigation to trace operations involving Maduro’s front men identified in the United States, European countries, and Latin America; subjects who have not been able to escape the international sanctions imposed by the US Administration.

In this context, Alejandro Rebolledo explains in detail how the Venezuelan regime is maneuvering its operations together with Arab allies to survive, thanks to a large number of businesses in the main cities of Venezuela that sell basic necessities in dollars, and that are owned by allies of Chavismo.

“Arab still lifes, gas stations, luxury vehicle dealerships and appliance chains in the country represent a dollar vacuum and part of that money goes to the regime. Tracking where those products are imported from and how they are paid is part of my tracking job, ”he says.

Thus the lawyer refers to the popular businesses that incongruously have a presence in Venezuela today. “Let Venezuelans know that when they buy in those shops they also oxygenate the regime,” the Venezuelan magistrate highlights.

Rebolledo also referred to the “flexibilization” that the Maduro regime has established in private banks, and the opening of accounts in foreign currency, which in his opinion is a way of kidnapping the money of Venezuelans.

On what currencies and transactions is the Maduro regime based?

“In Venezuelan banks now dollars and euros … Yuan would not surprise me, it is another way of sucking up foreign exchange for the regime’s businesses; since you can open the account and preserve the value of the deposit at the BCV exchange rate. But when it comes to trading, it will be in bolivars … Who will take the dollars if the banks will not be able to lend it? He reflected.

On the subject of the sanctions of the United States government against the Nicolás Maduro regime, Alejandro Rebolledo, has a look at the investigations of international agencies that identify and unmask the front men of Nicolás Maduro around the world.

The specialist indicates for Miamimundo, that the sanctions are being directed to specific objectives: partners, shareholders, front men, relatives and linked to the subjects involved in financial crimes and that they have already been detected as allies of the Venezuelan regime.

The financial death of the sanctioned

For Alejandro Rebolledo, the scope of the sanctions of the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United States Department of the Treasury means the end of the illicit activities of those sanctioned: “The scope of OFAC means the financial death of those sanctioned and their environment ”, He stressed.

It also explains how the restrictions imposed directly affect, and unmasks several of the mechanisms implemented by the regime’s allies to evade US justice. On the other hand, the Venezuelan magistrate was emphatic in highlighting the sanctions have been the only mechanism that has allowed the Venezuelan regime to be tied up, since in his opinion they have been an important tool.

“Sanctions are the most important tool that has been carried out to corner the criminal regime of Venezuela”

Do you have this type of identified subjects?

We have fully identified objectives in Latin America, the United States and Europe. The sanctions have made it possible to unmask many linked in the world who have done them a very important financial damage. They have had to hire experts to mediate with OFAC and try to demonstrate disengagement from the Maduro regime. Many times we have to explain the makeup used by these groups and how they are using new methods and mechanisms, for example, within the environment of the regime, companies with names similar to the oil transnationals to create confusion in the international oil trade. and finally avoid judgment against the real company.

What structures do you already keep identified?

The regime structures identified are in different areas where they operate. We have a lot of support with the financial intelligence units in the world, which have allowed us to advance widely in different markets. For instance Venezuela is among the main digital currency markets, led by China; In other words, the Venezuelan regime is widely using this form of payment method to achieve its objectives of evading sanctions.

And they support …

Among the main allies are the Arab countries that work with the regime; They try to mask these negotiations, but they do notWe have an alliance with different units in the world, such as in Europe and Latin America, that allow us to move forward and define which ones with these front man structures which is what allows them to be sustained at this moment.

Have the sanctions succeeded?

The only thing that has allowed the Venezuelan regime to be tied up has been the sanctions, they have been the most important tools that have been carried out to corner the criminal regime of Venezuela, it is important to highlight that there are no sanctions for the food area or for medicines; They are specific sanctions for the looting that has been made in Venezuela of the more than 800 billion dollars during Chavismo; and these subjects have sought experts in bypasser sanctions such as the Iranians and who has in front of their interlocutor who is Tareck El Aissami to allow them to continue advancing. This has meant that the black market of businesses to deal with Hezbollah and paramilitaries in the world has made it possible for the regime to continue trying to oxygenate itself and barely keep up with Iran as its main ally.

The plugged in and their waste of wealth

The term that has become notable in recent years refers to those close to the regime, and who are the only beneficiaries of the crisis in Venezuela; At the same time, Nicolás Maduro uses in his speech the excuse of US sanctions against his weakened regime to justify the serious situation of public services and the economic crisis facing Venezuelans. On this Rebolledo specifies:

“The issue of sanctions is used by the regime to play the victim. We are on the trail of the relatives of these subjects in various parts of the world, we are going after their shareholders, and related parties, who help to maintain the regime ”. It also refers to the mockery of Chavismo towards Venezuelans.

“They are shown with eccentricities while we have our people in the worst crisis, sick, humiliated and kidnapped by organized crime”

To which he adds, “but contrary to them (the allies of the regime) and their families and plugged in, they do squander wealth at parties, banquets, vehicles and luxury properties, which is inconsistent with the limitations they claim to have due to sanctions” , ends.