Alejandro Mayorga asks for patience for the Chivas youth players

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La Jornada newspaper
Saturday, February 20, 2021, p. 9

Given the recent criticism of various Chivas youth players for their performance in the current Guardianes 2021 tournament, the rojiblanco defender Alejandro Mayorga asked the fans to be more understanding and not press them so much, as he explained that reaching the First Division is a complicated process.

“Personally, I would like the younger ones to have more patience and not be so punished. Playing in the First Division is not easy, I know it is a great team and it is required as such, but sometimes there is a process, which, I would like people to understand a little more.

It is something that we must also know how to handle, in other teams perhaps there is more tolerance than here, I would only like them to understand that it is not easy. Right now there are no people (in the stadiums), but they are pressure factors that one is not used to, you find yourself with higher level players and that generates errors. The best way to learn is by making mistakes, he declared yesterday in a virtual conference.

In that sense, the defender, who made his debut with Chivas in the 2017 Apertura, indicated that after having played with Necaxa, in the 2018 Apertura, and last year with Pumas, with whom he started and got the runner-up in the tournament Guardians 2020, understood that the members of Guadalajara are required more than those of other clubs.

“The two teams (Chivas and Pumas) are great, in both there is a huge demand, but obviously the Flock has more national and international reach, that makes it have more pressure, but it is something that you face every day”, mentioned.

On his return to the rojiblanco team, Mayorga has won the title as a right back, a position that the previous semester was occupied by Miguel Ponce, with whom the defender ruled out having any rivalry.

“I knew that coming to Chivas was a great challenge, the truth is that Ponce came from doing very good tournaments and having very good participations. I know him and I know what he is as a player and as a person, obviously I was aware that it was not going to be easy. The third time was the charm and I had to accept the challenge, but the one who makes the decisions is the coach (Víctor Manuel Vucetich).

The competition is not against Miguel, but against the other teams. It is nice to have companions who make you grow and add to you. Many would imagine that there is a huge rivalry with him, but no, on the contrary, he helps me, he is a person already with a lot of experience and knowledge, he advises me, and what better way than to learn from guys like him, who have already had a great career, commented.

Chivas is preparing to face Pachuca next Monday at the Hidalgo Stadium, in a match corresponding to matchday seven.