In the distance you can see a modern, powerful Aztec football with a high continental level; but inside, a slight stench with rotting tints begins to be perceived. Decisions are increasingly divided and the creation of internal groups is becoming increasingly noticeable.

The Fox Sports and Jesús Martínez team is on the one hand, Televisa with theirs, Grupo Salinas from their trenches and a small but tenacious duo (Santos Laguna and Atlas) in Orlegui Deportes, a group that belongs to Alejandro Irarragori, one of the new owners. of the ball in Mexican soccer.

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Despite the fact that his arrival in the Mexican First Division has been accompanied by successes and an impeccable work model, recently his person has been more linked to the role of villain, since under the name of Grupo Orlegui he has taken charge of positioning himself as the promoter main part of the abolition of relegation, the theme that divided Liga MX like never before.

The recent acquisition of the Atlas by the same group represented a risk due to its critical position in the percentage table, a fact that increased the rumors of its position regarding non-decline. So the criticism of the work team led by Irarragori is not for less, since removing the descent and sports promotion from the pit is a controversial issue anywhere in the world and every decision of this nature needs a culprit.

The main problem is that the name of Alejandro Irarragori has also been linked to the exclusion of the Mexican teams from Libertadores and now against resuming soccer activities in the midst of the pandemic. This sum of positions has lowered its popularity among some amateur niches, as it obviously does not share the most common decisions.

His name in the middle was more directed to the type of person who insists on a posture and becomes unbreakable, his strength gave him a necessary counterweight in Mexican soccer and this evidently did not like in all internal niches. The hobby was also at the expense of rumors and caused one of the poorest and lowest in the history of our Aztec football to be created: the alleged invention of 8 players from Santos Laguna positive for coronavirus with the aim of completely stopping the resumption of activities.

Inventing this type of slander for being against a person is chilling, but the truth is that in the world of costumed predators, this kind of lowliness would not surprise within Mexico. Irarragori’s background as a manager who always gets what he wants slightly supported this ridiculous hypothesis, but lying about the personal lives of some of his athletes had no meaning or future and would have been a terrible blow to him.

Irarragori is an intelligent and successful guy, his true interests and the actions that led him to his position will never be known, but crossing him out as a villain is a hasty statement for a man who all he has done is work in accordance with the law and using all possible resources to receive the support of the other internal groups of the league.

At the end of the day, these types of actions implemented by a board represent the model that any group of entrepreneurs carries out every day around the world. Each one is in its due right to protect its interests with the available tools; however, being the most popular sport in Mexico, these decisions have an important impact on the soccer community in the country and every novel needs a villain who takes the hardest blows from the fans.

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