Alejandro Fernández, happy at his son’s wedding

Alejandro Fernández’s family once again dressed up, and once again thanks to Cupido’s arrow. This weekend, the singer’s son, Alejandro Fernández Jr., married his girlfriend of more than a decade in civilian law. Alexia Hernandez. The ceremony was the most intimate only with the loved ones closest to the couple as guests and was held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Among them, of course, the singer, who sent a nice message for his son in this new stage of life.

Alejandro Fernández Jr. and his wife, Alexia Hernández©@alexfernandez.gAlejandro Fernández Jr. and Alexia Hernández got married this weekend

“How quickly time passes. Just yesterday I was carrying you in my arms and today you start the journey to create your own family ”, wrote the proud father next to a photo in which he posed with the couple. From the bottom of his heart, he wished his son a full life with his wife: “May love guide your decisions on a day-to-day basis and accompany you wherever you go.”

Alejandro Fernández assured the couple that they can always count on him, since he understands that this trip can have its ups and downs. And in the sweetest way, the groom’s father added a message for his new daughter-in-law: “Welcome to our family, dear Alexia. God bless you. I love them! ♥ ️ ”.

Alejandro Fernández, Alejandro Fernández Jr. and Alexia Hernández© @ alexoficialAlejandro Fernández, the happiest at his son’s wedding

The groom shared the news with his followers on social networks, where the comments from fans and friends who could not attend the party filled them with congratulations. “I want to share with you that today I lived one of the happiest and most important moments when joining my life with my partner for more than 10 years and my best friend, Alexia,” wrote Alejandro Fernández Jr. along with a photo with his now wife.

The most tender moment of Alejandro Fernández

In addition to the joy with which the family spent the day, Alejandro Fernández was once again very tender with his granddaughter, Cayetana. The little girl, daughter of Camila Fernández, was one of the special guests at the wedding and starred in one of the most beautiful moments with her grandfather.

Alejandro Fernández and his granddaughter, Cayetana© @ alexoficialAlejandro Fernández in his tender role as grandfather

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