Alejandra Márquez Abella will make a biopic about an astronaut of Mexican origin

After the global success of the film Las chicas bien (2018), the director from Potosí is already making her way to raise her first English-speaking feature film. This week, it was reported that Alejandra Marquez Abella is in final talks to direct a biopic on the first Mexican-American astronaut to reach outer space.

According to a THR exclusive, Abella will direct based on a script written by German-American Bettina Gilois, who sadly passed away in the middle of this year.

The film will revolve around the life of Jose Moreno Hernandez, a former member of NASA born in California, of Mexican parents, who in 2009 was part of the crew of the space mission STS-128. On the other hand, a graduate in electrical engineering, Hernández also assisted in the development of the first full-field digital mammography system for the early diagnosis of breast cancer. In 2012, he published an autobiography entitled Reaching For The Stars, which establishes the announced film project and addresses his difficult childhood, with migrant parents continuously looking for work and he, unable to learn English before the age of 12.

The title of the tape will be A Million Miles Away and boasts Netflix streaming shelter. It is produced by Campbell McInnes and Mark Ciardi, the latter being also responsible for the sports films McFarland USA (2015) and the upcoming Safety.

It is still unknown when production will begin and the tentative release date.

For The Good Girls, Abella was nominated for an Ariel for Best Picture, Direction and Original Screenplay.

Before telling the true story of an astronaut who overcame all obstacles, Alejandra Marquez Abella traveled to Mexico in the 80s to introduce us to a woman of high society in decline. Under his direction, Girls alright He was present at festivals such as Toronto and Palm Springs, in addition to obtaining four statuettes (out of fourteen nominations) at the 2019 Ariel Awards.

Alejandra Márquez Abella biopic

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