Alejandra Guzmán is trapped in a flood!

Alejandra Guzmán is trapped in a flood! | Instagram

As they indicate, the famous singer Alejandra Guzmán was stranded in the middle of an avenue while traveling in her car due to the floods that have affected Mexico City, however, fortunately a policeman managed to rescue her.

That’s right, Alejandra Guzmán experienced a risky situation in the midst of the heavy rains that occurred in recent days and that caused flooding in various parts of Mexico City.

The interpreter of “Bad weed“It was a victim of the damage that storms have caused on the roads, since it was practically trapped in a lagoon.

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This is how the daughter of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán used their social networks to share with their followers photographs of the moment when she was stranded on an avenue, while traveling in her car, this because the water level increased from such that the vehicle could not continue advancing.

Through her Instagram stories, Alejandra Guzmán pointed out that she was accompanied by two friends aboard her car, however, the flood prevented them from continuing their journey down the avenue.

The recording shows dirty water running around the car, since the drains had been covered.

Look at this: we are stuck here in a lagoon, Emiliano (his driver), my comadre and I “, the singer mentions at the beginning of the video.

Alejandra Guzmán indicated that security elements came to their aid and helped them to get their car out of the flood with a tow truck, since being in the middle of the avenue they did not let anyone pass.

The singer’s truck had to be hooked to a crane so that it could move forward despite the water level.

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In addition, thanks to the collaboration of the police, it was possible to uncover the drains and clear the area so that citizens could walk through the road.

On the other hand, the singer and her father, Enrique Guzmán, face a legal process after Frida Sofía filed a complaint against her mother and grandfather for the crimes of sexual abuse, family rape and corruption of minors.

In her last statements, Frida Sofía spoke about how complicated her childhood was with the Pinal dynasty and her tense relationship with her mother, Alejandra Guzmán.

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I saw an interview from a long time ago in which he says: ‘I feel very lonely, I need company’ and he says that is why he had me. I don’t think that’s the way to bring a baby into the world, “he said in an interview for People en español.

It seems that for the Guzman family it rains over the wet, as it goes through swallow after day, something that is truly regrettable.

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