Alejandra Espinoza will participate in Latin GRAMMY® Celebra Ellas y Su Música

Alejandra Espinoza will have a special participation in the program Latin GRAMMY® Celebrate Them and Their Music, next to Thalia, Luis Fonsi Y Becky G, in tribute to women in music. The program, which will feature the voices of great personalities from the music industry, will air this Sunday, May 9 at 8 pm / 7C on Univision. “I am happy, these shows excite me a lot, I love music and I love that this one has been developed especially where women are celebrated, their music … where pioneers who have fought, who are they have made an effort so that the new generations have what they have in this industry that is so competitive, “said Alejandra in an interview with HOLA! USES.

Alejandra Espinoza© GettyImages Alejandra Espinoza will have a special participation in Latin GRAMMY® Celebra Ellas y Su Música

“We are going to have the opportunity to remember great artists who in a certain way were the ones who started in this medium that inspired many people, and I think that is what every artist or perhaps every human being seeks, to become an inspiration for someone that is precisely what is being celebrated ”, added the television presenter.

In this special, Thalía will perform a medley of her greatest hits, and in this regard, Alejandra declared herself a total fan, as the songs of the Mexican singer bring back good memories of her beginnings. “I lived a very beautiful and very important part of my life with Thalía’s music. Thalía is going to do a medley and when they are telling me the songs she is going to sing, I was very moved, because they are songs that were important to me, especially one of them, Piel Morena. In the first beauty contest in my life, that song we did the choreography … I am very excited about that medley that Thalía is going to do! ”.

Alejandra Espinoza© @ alejandraespinoza The presenter is excited about Thalía’s participation

And also, she talks about her side as a mom

This Sunday’s special coincides with the Mother’s Day celebrations; In the United States, mothers are celebrated on May 9, while in Mexico, on May 10. Being Mexican and living in the United States, the actress also confessed that the tradition of her country endures in her family. “I celebrate May 10, with my family, we always continue to celebrate the tradition despite our move to the United States. (That day) it will be with my husband and my child ”.

Alejandra Espinoza© @ alejandraespinoza Alejandra Espinoza is learning a lot from Matteo in his time as a big boy

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