Alejandra Espinoza takes pole dance classes

Pole dance or pole fitness is one of the trends that has been gaining more and more fans. This discipline, which combines dance with acrobatics performed on a vertical bar, requires three main factors: concentration, strength and coordination. The best of all is that it is super complete, since it exercises the muscles, back, abdomen, arms and legs in all its movements.

Among the benefits it has is that it is an exercise that allows you to burn calories, favors the production of endorphins which alleviates the feeling of stress, improves self-esteem, increases flexibility and body elasticity, among others.

In addition to pole dancing, Alejandra Espinoza takes boxing classes and has developed as an agile runner. In March 2020, the model ran her first marathon (approximately 26 miles) in Los Angeles, thus meeting one of the goals on her bucket list.

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