WWE Monday Night RAW superstar Aleister Black has gone to Instagram to hint at what could be some potentially major changes to his overall character presentation.

In the clav post (typical of Black’s mysterious style), he talks about having to “rewrite” his own story, as well as getting rid of “weakness,” any of which could be a reference to a number of aspects of his character. . and past:

The edited photo Black shared in the post appears to show spurts of blood coming from his wounded eye, as well as a devil’s horn above his head, a common theme for Black that he often enjoys including satanic and gothic references on his social media.

This occurs after the former NXT champion suffered a brutal attack from Seth Rollins and Murphy last Monday on RAW. The incident saw “Monday Night Messiah” and its follower inflict an equally gruesome injury as the one they delivered to Rey Mysterio just a few weeks earlier, driving his eye to the corner of the unforgiving steel steps:

Aleister Black’s push in WWE

The Instagram post also comes up just days after online rumors surfaced that Black may have lost favor with some of WWE’s top brass, particularly company owner Vince McMahon, who he reportedly feels that “something is missing” with Black. This is in stark contrast to the opinion of the recently eliminated Paul Heyman, who supposedly had a very good opinion of the Dutch star.

The exact changes remain to be seen as despite these online reports, for the moment, everything remains speculation. It could be something as simple as a small change in appearance or something very, very different.

Will we see Black get more in tune with his dark side? Or will we see something completely new?

We will keep you up to date with any news about Aleister Black and the exact nature of this posted message, as we heard it. Until then, stay tuned for the latest news from WWE.

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