Aleida Núñez’s tattoo inspires her and launches new clothes!

Aleida Núñez’s tattoo inspires her and launches new clothes! | Instagram

Being the most flirtatious actress Who is also a singer, model and businesswoman Aleida Núñez shared a publication recently where she showed a small preview of a new line of shirts that she will launch shortly, they are inspired by one of her tattoos.

Aleida Nunez She has stood out as a celebrity star and for a long time she has also been doing it as a businesswoman as well as a philanthropist.

Thanks to the popularity that she has achieved due to her work as an actress, this flirtatious Mexican model has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, as well as other entertainment personalities.

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Surely some examples come to your mind, then we will also share several of them: Noelia, Maribel Guardia, Thalía, Kimberly Loaiza, among other important women, without neglecting their acting, singing or conducting activities, these celebrities have managed to create a balance between their careers as stars and entrepreneurs.

It was through his official Instagram account where he shared this publication on July 1, there are three photographs he shared, despite the fact that this new line is for men Aleida had to make a presence in advertising.

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She appears showing her exquisite figure With a tiny outfit, this is white with details on the edges in black, this consists of a top and extremely short shorts, she is sitting on a chair but with her back to the camera.

He did this with one objective, since as the publication progresses you will see the inspiration for his new clothing line, which is a small tattoo that he has on the back near his enormous charms.


This design decided to use it as the main print on the front of these shirts, which in the image we see two, one in white and the second in black with the design stamped near the heart of a large size by the way.

I give my beloved male fans a taste of the new collection of sports men’s t-shirts, take it with a personalized greeting from me, “wrote Aleida Núñez.

The design is an angel that she herself has tattooed and it is the same one that represents her own brand, a most beautiful detail to have it on her own skin, as other personalities have done, Juan de Dios Pantoja has his own tattoo on his hand Logo.

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This same publication was shared on his other Instagram account, that of his own brand, in this account you can find a large part of the designs of leggings, sportswear and some of the products that Aleida Núñez manages.

It is not a secret that the flirtatious actress loves to exercise, she herself has shared that she takes care of her body since she was 16 years old, to date she continues doing some routines and maintaining her figure like no other, that is something that to a large extent of his more than 3.4 million followers on Instagram fascinates them as he tends to share revealing and quite entertaining content.

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Something that several women will be fascinated to know is that the leggings as well as the jeans that Aleida’s brand manages, who by the way are manufacturers, is that all their designs aim to raise the later charms as proof of this we can see some designs that she uses herself.

It seems that this is the first time that you have launched content for men, so surely you must be very excited about it, we hope you will be successful and triumph as an entrepreneurial woman as well as as an actress and singer.

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