Aleida Núñez will be crowned queen of the LGBT + march

Aleida Núñez will be crowned queen of the LGBT + march | Instagram

One of Instagram celebrities and personality of the Mexican soap operas It is Aleida Núñez who recently shared the news that she would be crowned the queen of the march LGBT + in the company of José Joel.

This is not the first time the flirtatious singer has been crowned, actress and businesswoman so she will surely repeat this role feeling even more proud to be crowned again.

These types of marches are important because over the years they have managed to give a little voice to the community, little by little they continue to be known and accepted by more people, surely their objective is to continue with the acceptance of the society.

Aleida Nunez next to Jose Joel son of the late singer José José and actress Anel Noreña, this coming Saturday June 26 will be crowned at the XLIII LGBTTTI Pride March in Mexico City, starting at 8:00 p.m. in Mexico at Cabaré Tito, surely this place is well known and frequented by the community.

It is not a novelty that the stars of entertainment are crowned by the LGBT + community year after year, one of which you have surely heard on more than one occasion is Niurka, Gloria Trevi and even Yuri.

In her official Instagram account, the singer, actress and businesswoman has shared a publication through her stories where she shares the event’s flyer and also labels the people who will be participating on the day of the march.

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In a few days we will be seeing several publications on Twitter referring to this annual march, in which not only people from the community attend but also their families and friends, who support them unconditionally.

Aleida Núñez herself has become an example not only for the community but also for people, she tries to always live fully and without offending anyone, she strives every day to have her inner peace, as she shared. in his most recent Instagram post where he appears wearing jeans, probably from his own brand.

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Every day more human, less perfect and happier, “Aleida wrote.

Núñez has been characterized by always helping others, perhaps it is not something that he constantly presumes, however the little he has published for many is more than important, he has an association that helps women who for one or Another reason they have not had a good time and they have suffered more than necessary, it is something that coincides with Noelia who is also dedicated to helping.

Like several countries do this type of march, Mexico will not be left behind and will participate with the 43rd installment of this march.

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In addition to Aleida and José Joel, various groups will be present at the event and will perform to liven up the massive event.

Among them is “The Ensemble Group“As presenters there will be: Damaris Rojas, Nicole Mayer, Rodrigo Fragoso and Pedro Montiel.

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Part of the publicity for the event was shared by Rodrigo Fragoso himself on his official Twitter account since June 19, Gardenia’s own interpreter in the telenovela “Tomorrow is Forever“He also retweeted the post.

Some of the participants have been given the task of sharing the advertising flyer of said meeting and coronation for several days, thanks to technology this advertising can reach millions in just a few minutes and become extremely popular as has happened on several occasions, especially on Twitter.

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