Aleida Núñez looks her charms in the jacuzzi wearing a swimsuit

Aleida Núñez looks her charms in the jacuzzi wearing a swimsuit | Instagram

One of the Mexican personalities and celebrities on Instagram is definitely Aleida Núñez who thanks to her characters in Mexican soap operas and some series has managed to conquer more than one, recently shared a photo where she shows her huge charms inside a jacuzzi.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to be inside a jacuzzi You will know that it is a most pleasant and relaxing sensation, the simple fact that thousands of bubbles are touching your skin and at the same time breaking is something that you should definitely try at some point in your life, in case you do not know.

Not for nothing Raúl El Gordo de Molina became so successful with a section of his program where he interviewed personalities of the show, mostly women in a jacuzzi, especially also for the fact of enjoying seeing beautiful women in tiny suits bathroom.

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The same happened with Aleida Nunez who just a day ago when Mexico took the crown of Miss Universe 2021 with Andrea Meza, meanwhile the beautiful actress who plays “Gardenia” in the telenovela “Tomorrow is Forever“which was broadcast again a few years later, he set out to share new content on Instagram.

The time that her last publication had lasted was seven days, where she was in the pool carrying her son, but now she has shared several photographs that left more than one sighing for her.

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Thanks to her toned and striking curves, Núñez has managed to stand out in social networks, not because of being an actor, it will be a guaranteed success, but in her case she did apply immediately, thanks to its content that she has left on several occasions. more than one out of breath.

Aleida is sitting on the edge of a large jacuzzi, this is apparently outside her room, it is more than evident when seeing the photo and corroborating it by the sunglasses she is using, fortunately the actress, businesswoman, singer personality of the Farándula has an excellent production team, because in its shots it always looks perfect.


In her description she limited herself to putting only an emoji of a few drops of water, she is wearing a two-piece swimsuit, which despite not being so tiny reveals her beautiful upper charms, the design is neck ” V “quite deep and thin straps, at the bottom we see a combination of two fabrics, one black as well as the top, but it has two gold strips.

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As she is sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi we can see only a little of her waist and part of her hips, one of her shapely and also tanned legs are bent, which makes the image a little more striking and flirtatious.

Something that also attracts attention, but that is in the background, are some flowers strategically placed on the stage, this definitely gave it a more fresh and springy touch.

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At the moment his photo has more than 60 thousand red hearts and 617 comments, some of them obviously in Spanish, but others are in English, this means that its popularity is increasing, especially since to this day it has 3.4 million followers on Instagram.

The beautiful Mexican has been conquering borders, if she continues like this she will surely achieve not only more followers but also more job opportunities.

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