Aleida Núñez dances “Don’t mess with my Cucu” on the Hoy program

Aleida Núñez dances “Don’t mess with my Cucu” on the Hoy program | Instagram

For a few weeks now, the Hoy program has been drawing the attention of viewers, with a new section “The stars dance in Hoy“This May 13, a new pair of challengers made up Aleida Núñez and the Capi Dawn.

The new challenging couple participated by dancing to the well-known song titled “Do not mess with my cucu“, performed by Sonora Dinamita, surely in more than one of your meetings with your family or friends you will have listened to it and even danced.

This March 13, a video was shared on the Santiago channel on YouTube, this is titled “Aleida and Capi Albores The stars dance today 2021 050 13”, we will share it with you right away.

The video lasts 10:58 minutes, from the entrance and presentation of the new couple who would undoubtedly discuss their passage through the dance floor to the criticism of the judges and great television celebrities: Andrea Legarreta, Latin Lover and Lolita Courteous.

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From what can be seen, the couple had only two days to rehearse this melody and give their best on the track, which they themselves claimed they had done and that from that moment they would begin to do if they managed to stay on. the program, we are pretty sure they will do it.

Of course, like any new couple, they have several pros and cons, one of them is that Albores, who is in charge of giving information about the weather in the Hoy program, does not dance at all, besides that he has no experience and he himself claims to have no only two but three left feet.

For your good luck the beautiful actress mexican Aleida Nunez Despite the fact that she had never danced professionally, that is, dedicated to it exclusively, but had done so in some of her presentations because, in addition to being an excellent actor, she is also a model, singer and businesswoman.

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The couple may have been a little nervous at first, but as Galilea Montijo interviewed them they quickly began to relax much more, especially because they felt supported because they danced live with Lucho Argain and Xiu García’s La Sonora Dinamita.

Something important that should be mentioned was the outfit that both of them combined, Cap was wearing a white button-down shirt with black dress pants and shoes, as for his partner Aleida, she was wearing a tiny dress that could have caused certain sighs among viewers , because besides being something short it was also something revealing.

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In the upper part she wore a kind of body with embedded mirror-like crystals, these were somewhat large so it did not take many to cover some of the strips that her dress had, the lack was of some tiny strips that barely covered her “cucu “as mentioned in the song.

Once they began to dance, the energy began to be projected among Thursdays who surely you can imagine who were delighted with their attitude and energy.

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Among some comments that the couple received in the video that so far has 1,891 reproductions, we find that they adore the beautiful actress, some claim that she is one of the few most simple, beautiful and above all humble personalities.

Others added that the couple was the best and that they hope they last a long time in the program, especially since they have also been conquered by the personality of Capi, who despite having “three left feet” did not do so badly, surely With more practice, you will be able to exceed the expectations of the judges, especially those of Lolita.

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