Alcaraz prevails in a tough match against Nakashima

05/19/2021 at 3:14 PM CEST


Carlos Alcaraz Garfia continues ahead in the ATP Challenger of Oeiras, in Portugal, after winning in three sets of a match full of alternatives to the American Brandon nakashima (3-6, 6-4 and 6-4 in 2 hours and 10 minutes) the winner of the duel between the Argentine will be measured in the quarterfinals Federico Coria and portuguese Gastao Elias.

After beating the Japanese in the first round Yasutaka uchiyama By a clear score of 6-0 and 6-3, the young 18-year-old tennis player from Murcia, who is ranked 114th in the world, had to do his best to beat the number 139 and 21 months older than him.

The first set he took Nakashima by 3-6 after 44 minutes when scoring the last three games of this heat when the result was 3-3 and Alcaraz he had been able to balance an adverse 1-3.

The poise of the San Diego player allowed him to gain an advantage, but the El Palmar player knew how to react in time when, also in the second quarter, he continued to lead until 2-4. From there Alcaraz, with four consecutive games, led the game to the tiebreaker with a 6-4 also after 44 minutes.

The triumph and the pass to the third round would be decided in the third and final set and there finally the pupil of Juan Carlos Ferrero placeholder image he took the initiative mainly with his right-wing game.

After four games the Spaniard served to get 4-1, but gave up the serve and that gave wings to Nakashami, who tied and even went ahead with two games won over the rest and one by throwing the ball into the air.

The 3-4 did not lower the Murcian, who returned the coin to the North American at the decisive moment of the clash. Three games in a row and victory again with a 6-4, this one achieved in 42 minutes.

Equality was reflected, for example, in the fact that “La Roca” won 90 points to his opponent’s 87 in a match in which serving was not exactly synonymous with winning. The Spanish achieved six “breaks” in the 11 balls he had to break the service and the American five in seven.

In rooms Alcaraz the winner of the clash between Coria, 29 years old and 94th player in the world and Elijah, 30 and ranked 308.

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