Alcaraz: “I’m going to face these semifinals in a different way on a mental level”

Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image, happy and relaxed after accessing their second semifinals At the ATP level, he went through the wheel and there he was Breakpoint to ask him about today’s duel. In the first place, the Murcian broke down the game and how he could change the dynamics after losing the second set: “In the first set I had a serve to close it, then with 5-5 serving he was about to break me, it was a very tough first set. The second set was very good, I had my options but they escaped me. From then on I lost focus a little more, I let go. However, something I have learned in so many tournaments is that you have to put the bad things aside, what happened in the second set, and go out to the third concentrated, knowing it’s the last set. “

Not only that: we told Carlos about the brutal statistics he shares with Rafa Nadal. ¿Impresses, at age 18, share a statistical record like this ?: “Not at all. The truth is that I am clear that I am doing things well, following the right path together with my team and that is the only thing that matters to me. “Finally, his analysis for the semifinals and the changes What he will do with respect to his match against Munar, in the same instance, in the Marbella tournament.

“I want to change especially in the mental aspect. I have lived through the semifinals, it is no longer new to me. I’m going to face it mentally in another way. In Marbella I behaved, let’s say, like a child: it was something new for me that I didn’t know how to manage, and that took its toll. Now, being the second time, I will face it with greater maturity. “

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