Six days after finishing the first stage of the quarantine, Alberto Fernández announced that it will not be completed on April 13 but that certain activities will be allowed to return to operation.

“We are not going to finish the quarantine, what we have to do is what kind of activities are we going to make more flexible”“The president expressed in declarations to TN.” We made an enormous effort and we cannot lose it, we are feeling that we are a little better, but we have to be careful, “he added.

Fernández commented that tomorrow afternoon he will hold a teleconference with all the governors “to see where we are and how we can move forward.” On the other hand, he proposed to the Argentine Industrial Union, the CGT and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce “to make among the three institutions plus the group of experts that advise us on infectious diseases, to take joint decisions because the worst that could What happens is that with this idea of ​​some that we have to feed the economy, we end up making Argentines sick. ” “I want us to solve it together and we all listen to the specialists,” he emphasized.

“To those who always want to hurry, who want to move forward and solve everything, I tell you that the truth is that if a person with a coronavirus enters a factory, what will surely happen is that it will make all his colleagues sick and there we will have a much bigger problem “He exemplified.

On the return to classes, the president declared that “surely they will not return.” In this sense, he explained that “we must take care that public transport is not crowded because it is the ideal channel for contagion. We must make the traffic of people on the street and in transport is minimal, otherwise the risk is very great, ”he justified.

“We have to try to recover our lives little by little, the economic activity had a huge cost for all this, that’s true, but what you have to see is what we want to privilege, if the economy starts to move or if people don’t get infected. I choose to take care of the Argentines and that they do not get sick, “insisted Alberto Fernández, who stressed that” the world looks carefully at what Argentina has done and some set us as a model of what should have been done in the rest of the world ” .