Alberto Fernández recognizes AMLO’s effort to recover Mexico

Pedro Dominguez

Mexico City / 02.23.2021 08:18:49

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, recognized the effort made by Andrés Manuel López Obrador to recover Mexico, and assured that the country has a president « as Mexicans deserve. » Through this meeting, he hopes to unite the ties between both nations and deepen the bond to face the future together.

“(López Obrador) whom I sincerely respect for his political values ​​and for the enormous effort made to recover a Mexico that at the time he had to assume the presidency, he was in difficult situations, « he said.

During his visit to Mexico and his participation in today’s morning conference, Fernández pointed out that for the population of Argentina, Mexico is a country that sheltered victims of the dictatorship and others who are persecuted in the world, whom it “gave shelter”. Among them, he highlighted the support for the former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, “If Evo is alive today it is largely because of what the president decided that day from Mexico, López Obrador, « he said.

The Argentine president assured that Mexico is capable of doing a lot for humanity and the lives of refugees and the persecuted, so it is comforting to be in the country, as he declared that « it is another Mexico » under the current administration.

« Some time ago a president of a European power asked me how I saw the situation on the continent, I said ‘finally has a president Mexico as Mexicans deserve ‘. For the first time a president with ethical values ​​that Mexicans deserve, with those values, with that preaching I feel identified ”, he commented.

He stressed that this visit should deepen ties, « far beyond that Mexico appears every time that Argentines must go into exile, » and thanked the national authorities for their willingness to support the refugees. He reiterated that both countries must unite to help the development of Latin America, since it is an “obligation that we have, from the northernmost country to the southernmost country”.

In this sense, Fernández celebrated the production of the vaccine against covid-19 and the 12 million doses that will be packaged from April in Mexico. At the same time, he denounced the hoarding of vaccines and called for joining efforts to ensure that the entire population of Latin America has access to the antigen.

“Make an effort so that all of our Latin America is vaccinated faster, this summons us and in that we must continue working together« , He said.