Alberto Fernández received the parents of Ursula Bahillo, the young woman from Rojas who was a victim of femicide

Alberto Fernandez He had a meeting this afternoon at the Casa Rosada with Patricia Nasutti and Adolfo Bahillo, parents of Ursula, the 18-year-old who was a victim of femicide in the Buenos Aires city of Rojas on February 8, for which her ex-partner is accused. .

The president was accompanied by the ministers of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta; Justice and Human Rights, Marcela Losardo, and Security, Sabina Frederic.

Matías Martínez, about whom Ursula had already filed several complaints for threats and acts of physical violence suffered previously, was charged with the stabbing murder.

In this context, Fernández announced last Saturday that the Government is advancing in the creation of the Federal Council for the Addressing of Femicides, Travesticides and Transfemicides, with the aim of responding to the acts of extreme violence against women and LGBTI.

In addition, the president summoned today, through a letter, all the governors to work together and put all their efforts « to carry out the measures and transformations that are necessary and thus build a united Argentina against gender violence. »

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