Alberto Fernández referred to the changes in the purchase of foreign currency (Infobae)

President Alberto Fernandez defended the loaded stocks by ensuring that the dollars should be used to produce and not to speculate financially.

During a ceremony held this afternoon in Tigre, the head of state stated that the US currency should cease to be « a variable for some to accumulate dollars in a country where dollars are needed to produce, not to save”.

Escorted by the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, the president spoke again about meritocracy.

“Yesterday the newspapers headlined that Alberto Fernández thinks that merit is useless to progress. I did not say such an idiot. What I don’t believe in is meritocracy, because the Mendoza firefighter does not have the same possibilities as the Buenos Aires firefighter ”, he developed.

« Merit works if the conditions are the same for everyone. If some of us have better conditions to develop than others, the merit is not enough and that is where the dumbest of the rich has more possibilities than the most intelligent of the poor”, He added.

Alberto Fernández led an act this afternoon in Tigre

Likewise, the president considered that « For four years everything was paralyzed » in the country, while he remarked that the government of Mauricio Macri favored the disintegration of Argentina.

“I see that there are still pending tasks of what we started with Néstor (Kirchner), which Cristina (Kirchner) continued and that today I have to continue. In between there were four years where everything was paralyzed and the Argentine disintegration was favored« Said the president in the announcement of the Plan Connect.

The Conectar plan contemplates the development, construction and putting into orbit of a new satellite, the first of the second generation of ARSAT, which will be oriented to the occupation of the orbital positions of Argentina, to the development of the satellite telecommunications industry and to reduce the digital divide by providing high-quality satellite connectivity to 200,000 rural households, the Government reported.

The initiative will have an investment of 37,900 million pesos until 2023.

The first president was also accompanied by the Buenos Aires governor Axel Kicillof, the Interior Minister, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, the head of AySA, Malena Galmarini, and the local mayor, Julio Zamora.

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