Alberto Fernández asked the Minister of Health to resign after vaccine scandal in Argentina News Chile

This Friday Argentina has been affected by a political and health scandal related to the government. This is the so-called « VIP vaccination », in which the access of members of the ruling party to the inoculation against the coronavirus was managed.

After this noisy case, and according to the main local media, President Alberto Fernández asked the Minister of Health, Ginés González, to resign. Even the president would already have the name of the minister’s replacement: the Secretary of Access to Health, Carla vizzotti.

Specify that the vaccine scandal was enhanced by the statements of the trans-Andean journalist Horace Verbitsky, who said that he agreed to the inoculation thanks to a favor that the minister did.

“I decided to get vaccinated. I started to find out where to do it, I called my old friend Ginés González García, whom I have known long before he was a minister, and he told me that I had to go to the Posadas Hospital « said Verbitsky in his Radio Uncover column.

He added that when he was going to the place he received a direct message from the secretary of Ginés González García. « He told me that a team of vaccinators from Posadas would go to the Ministry and give me the vaccine « , he specified.