Argentina reached 1,000 deaths from coronaviruses this Sunday and infections registered a sharp increase during the last week. In this framework, tomorrow the head of Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and his Buenos Aires counterpart Axel Kicillof will meet with President Alberto Fernández to track the indices of the « joint work table » that formed last Friday.

Although both Rodríguez Larreta and Kicillof made it clear that a deterioration in the health situation could trigger a setback to stricter isolation, from the Buenos Aires government they anticipated Infobae than This Monday no decisive decision will be made regarding the isolation.

The Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires continues to concentrate 90% of infections in the entire country and its close ties – due to the transfer of people – motivated the national government to consider it as a unit.

Regarding tomorrow’s meeting, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, acknowledged that the option to make isolation more restrictive will always be considered as the contagion continues to rise.

However, He avoided advancing what measures will be taken and insisted that « there is no need to rush. »

« The AMBA is an integrality, the General Paz boundary is too porous, it does not exist, » he said in an interview with Radio La Red, and minimized the differences in criteria with the Buenos Aires government.

And I add: « Up to here they made the political decisions in the same decision, there could have been some different criteria in some minor variable. If up to here we always agreed, why would we change? ”.

With the sharp increase in cases registered in recent days, the bed occupancy in the AMBA reached 54%, while in the first cordon of the conurbano, it borders on 58%. If the whole province is taken, the number drops to 54%.

On Friday, Alberto Fernández announced that the three met to meet on Monday to evaluate the steps to follow. « We are in a very complicated situation, » said the president on El Destape radio, adding that the residents of the city and the conurbano « have relaxed. » He also asked to « return to the discipline of the beginning » of the quarantine.

Fernández is in favor of “returning to the discipline from the beginning” of quarantine, based on the significant increase in Covid-19 cases detected in the last week and the percentage of bed occupancy.

In the province of Buenos Aires, there are currently a total of 25,682 beds between the public and private sectors: 4,946 of intensive care (2,239 in the suburbs), 3,367 of intermediate care and 17,549 of minimal care.

The City, for its part, has 1,417 intensive care beds between the public and private sectors and this week registered an occupation of 51 percent.

Until now, the Buenosairean government has resisted all the attempts of the National Executive and of the Province to toughen the quarantine. What’s more, in recent weeks it has promoted the opening of more non-essential sectors, enabled recreational walks for boys on weekends and allowed runners to return to parks and squares between 19 and 9.

Although there are still no deadlines or certainties to return to zero pages, the first two weeks of July transcended as the key date to define the return or not to the initial stage of quarantine.

« Brake and start as many times as necessary. Close, lock and open again, and so on ”, they explain from the Buenosairean administration. « Close two weeks and reopen, » abound, meanwhile, from the Buenos Aires Government.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the world has entered a dangerous phase of the coronavirus pandemic, as countries re-establishing confinement measures or restrictions to curb the spread of the disease reopen.