Alberto Caballero proposes the headquarters of the PP as the new neighborhood of ‘La que se avecina’

During this week Justice is investigating and judging the possible fraudulent reform of Genoa 13, which was the headquarters for 38 years of the Popular Party. For the same reason Pablo Casado, current leader of the formation, has made public the abandonment of headquarters arguing that they should not continue « in a building whose reform is being investigated this week in the courts. »

Alberto Caballero and the publication made via Twitter

Given the uncertainty of what will happen now with the building, one of the options has been raised: use the already old headquarters of the PP as the new neighborhood of ‘La que se avecina’ after the end of the last season and the departure of the residents of Montepinar. Alberto Caballero, director and scriptwriter of the fiction, has commented on the suggestion on his social networks stating that in this way would come « more honest people » to that building. It also adds that « Antonio Recio would happily occupy Fraga’s office ».

Some fans of the series support the crazy idea of ​​Caballero, imagining situations of the series already in that location. « There are 120 parking spaces so that Fina can scratch the cars to her liking », comments a follower; some even did comparisons of the characters with some politicians, such as the ability to convert to Araceli, played by Isabel Ordaz, in « the new Isabel Díaz Ayuso ».

Some television faces support the suggestion

While some of the fans already joke about crowdfunding to buy the building, some familiar faces from our television have spoken about the topic. For example, the actress and former teacher of ‘Operación Triunfo 2018’ Itziar Castro, has been euphoric in networks before such a proposal; or the collaborator of ‘Zapeando’ Quique Peinado, who has even proposed a new slogan for the series: « Antonio Recio, his box B at the best price ».