Alberto and Máximo are shown as a partisan tandem in the province

President Alberto Fernandez and the head of the block of deputies of the Frente de Todos, Maximum Kirchner, met in the Buenos Aires city of Baradero with Peronist mayors of the region to discuss issues related to the production and management of the pandemic, after the official act that the president led in that district.

Fernández and Kirchner led the lunch with the mayors after a tour of the autopartista metallurgical company Maro SA, which this year will begin to manufacture robotic welding lines for the new Volkswagen Taos line.

The meeting was attended by the communal chiefs Ricardo Alessandro (Salto); Ricardo Casi (Colón), Ramón Salazar (San Pedro), Carlos Puglelli (San Andrés de Giles), Sergio Dinardi (Carmen de Areco) and Ariel Ríos (Zárate), as well as host Esteban Sanzio.

« We talked about production and the pandemic, » Alessandro said in statements to ., adding that the presentation made by Máximo was « sensible and judicious, with very good proposals for the coronavirus pandemic. »

Although numerous mayors and referents of Buenos Aires Peronism have expressed themselves in recent weeks in favor of Kirchner assuming the presidency of the provincial PJ, Alessandro indicated that yesterday’s meeting did not discuss this issue.

« What we are clear about is that we all have to continue together« said the communal chief in reference to the unity of the Frente de Todos.

The president of the national PJ, José Luis Gioja, considered this Tuesday that Kirchner « has all the possibilities to lead » that force in the province of Buenos Aires, where there is « an endless pool » of leaders capable of assuming that responsibility.

The agreement in Peronism, which would be formalized between the next months of February and March, consists of Fernández heading the national PJ at the head of a unit list, in the same way that Máximo Kirchner would do it in the Buenos Aires PJ.

Alberto and Máximo are shown as a partisan tandem in the province