Albert Soler returns with the challenge of “going back to what we were” before a pandemic


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Albert soler, the new general director of Sports, declared this Wednesday that “the main objective” in his return to the Higher Sports Council will be “to lead sports policies in Spain and to return to what we were” before the pandemic.

to usually do, who held this same position from 2008 to 2011, stated during his inauguration speech: “They say that second parts were never good but I hope to be the exception. One of the reasons to return is due to the difficult time that society is experiencing in general, and face important challenges such as the new Sports Law, Doping Law, the Athlete’s Statute, the professionalization of women’s sport or managing cooperation funds to help this position “.

“We also have another major challenge, which is between all of us to return to what we were before the pandemic,” he said. to usually do, which underlined the “importance of three aspects” that it considers fundamental for this new stage in the CSD.

“The pride of being part of a team of professionals who are the most responsible for making sport in Spain work. It is not always easy or recognized and many times it happens from anonymity,” he confessed.

“Second is that the sports sector has to have unity because we will only get out of this if we are all together and, third, the leadership that this house has and will have so that sports understand that this is where they will find us,” he said .

“The doors of the CSD will always be open. We are going to lead the process of the sports sector to get out of this situation. Sports policies in Spain are led here and that is the main objective,” he said.

to usually do took office in the presence of Jose Manuel Franco, Secretary of State for Sports and President of the CSD.

“A star signing materializes. When one assumes a position of this responsibility and importance, there is a tendency to surround oneself with people who do not overshadow it, but here everyone who is there knows more than I do about sports, something that for the good of the sport is convenient, “he said Frank.

to usually do It is a paradigm of competition, commitment and love of sport, because this is an activity that if you do not love, you do not manage well, “he confessed.

Former player of the Honor Division of water polo and athletics fan, Albert Soler Sicily (Barcelona, ​​1966) was an official of the Barcelona city council, where he held the position of Director of Sports (1999-2005) before joining the CSD for the first time in 2008, where he was General Director until 2011 during the presidency of Jaime Lissavetzky.

After his departure to head the socialist list, the Madrid city council replaced him as Secretary of State between April and November 2011, the date on which he ceased to attend the general elections of the X legislature in which he was elected deputy by the PSOE.

From 2014 to April of this 2021 he was part of the board of the Fútbol Club Barcelona. In the Barça club, and during the presidential period of Josep Maria Bertomeu, initially held the position of director of institutional relations and in 2015 was appointed head of professional sports, including football.

In 2017 he became responsible only for the sections of the club (basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal), a position in which he remained until the last presidential elections, on March 7, which he won Joan Laporta.

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