These days we are learning more about some players. It is quarantine time, tennis sees the horizon very dark on its return and the web accesses the origin of some top-100 players to know aspects or stages of the same that are not known during the day to day and the activity. Among all of them, that of Albert Ramos, who tells on the website of the highest body how everything started and, among other things, how he would like to be remembered after his future retirement.

Albert’s beginnings. “I didn’t think about anything. I just played. I just played and had fun. At no time did I feel like I was going to be a professional. I think I’m very lucky to do something that I really like. There are sure to be many moments, I think it’s really difficult , but I feel that I am very lucky to be here and to do one thing that I did all my life. “

The importance of having some studies in your training stage. “I had for two years when the results were not really good. I was lucky to have my coach and also my family, my wife, who told me to finish school and also to start university. I started studying a little at university, but online. It helped me to have less pressure on tennis and not just think about tennis. It started to improve and then I stopped studying because it was too heavy. But mixing the two things helped me a lot. If you only play tennis, you are number 400 and you try to be better but you are not succeeding to be a professional player, you have to try something else. I think it helped me a lot because if you don’t focus only on one thing, you know that you have another opportunity or profession in your life, and you can play much more relaxed and better ”.

Your best moment as a tennis player. “The final in Monte Carlo is the best result of my life. It changed my career a little bit, because I improved my classification a lot. But I think I continue to do the same as my entire career, trying to improve every day. There are always things to improve. Sometimes you even improve and the ranking does not progress as you want. But I always try to keep improving, because it’s better to try to focus on the improvements, not the results. “

A definition of himself as a player. “Sometimes when I had good results, he put more pressure on me and played worse, and other times, given the bad results, I worked more to improve something that I was not doing well. I would like to be remembered as a player who fights a lot and who is always doing the best he can on the court. I always do my best to play well. “