“data-reactid =” 25 “>” Already at home after my onychocryptosis operation “, the one who was the wife of Feliciano López has written in her personal space next to a photo in which her bandaged feet appear and resting on the sofa During those hours of forced paralysis, as has been evident in other subsequent publications, Alba has been able to indulge in a culinary whim while watching the last gala of the reality show ‘Survivors’, in which she herself participated a few years ago.

True to his sense of humor and the naturalness with which he has always spoken of his love disappointments – he also had a long relationship with the motorcycle rider Fonsi Nieto, father of the aforementioned Lucas – the television star has not hesitated to joke with the strong snoring that the aforementioned Monday dismisses when he sleeps, very similar to those that his alleged husband would emit if he had it. “Who needs a husband to get a good snoring from having Monday,” he said jokingly.