Alavés become great against Real Madrid

RO Pancorbo Gasteiz Journalist

The Alaves gets big and brings out the colors to a Real
Madrid what, without Sergio
Bouquets neither Benzema, is another one. The project of Pablo
Machin consolidates and reaches the age of majority in a duel in which his team was lethal against him, but did not materialize his chances and ended up suffering. Thus, although he was able to achieve a comfortable victory, he turned the final stretch of each half into an agony. In 83 Lejeune took a ball under the sticks with Pacheco shake and, in 96, Isco, with 1-2, crashed a ball against the crossbar.

This great step forward shows that the symbiosis between the Soria coach and his pupils is already total. The team has chained the team for five games without losing, in which it has added nine points, and continues its escape from the relegation zone.

The Albiazul squad touched perfection in the first half hour. Very brave in the pressure, advanced when he could, he prevented a surprised local team from creating danger and knew how to find spaces for him, especially on the left with the races of Luis
Rioja, to get closer to the goal of Courtois.

The team also hurt from set pieces and, in minute 4, in a corner, Lamb
Vega whistled a clear penalty by the hand of Nacho after Laguardia’s auction. Luke
Perez, very incisive at the start, took the opportunity to establish the 0-1 from the fatal point.

Possible penalty and Rodrygo

The few occasions meringues came as a result of babazorros errors. In the 21, Eden
Hazard stole a ball from Battaglia and, after cutting into the crescent, he harshly executed a shot that cleared Pacheco. In the reject, Ruben
Duarte it was his turn and the forward fell in the area, but Lamb
Vega and the VAR they missed the possible penalty.

The VAR and the referee benefited the Albiazules in a first part in which they also ignored a play with a clear pull of the hair of The guard to Marcelo.

He closed the spaces very well with two lines and four and was able to achieve 0-2 in the 24th minute. The Coruña took advantage of a long ball after stealing to stand only against Courtois, but the Belgian guessed his intention to make him a Vaseline and cleared the auction. In that play, the Galician was very attentive and Toni
Kroos he stayed breaking the offside.

The entrance of Rodrygo due to injury to Hazard he changed the match from minute 28 on. Alaves accused the wear and tear of his great work and Real
Madrid he overturned on the goal of Pacheco. Until the break, he suffered the unspeakable, but Pacheco It was erected in Salvador. Modric He advanced his position looking for one on one against Lejeune or Ruben
Duarte and, in addition, the Gasteiztarra team soon lost the ball, unable to overcome rival pressure.

So, in 38, Toni
Kroos stole from Lejeune in an action preceded by lack of Rodrygo, but the Teuton, only in the area, ran into the goal babazorro twice, who responded with two great saves to his double shot. In 1940, the Badajoz safely blocked a very focused header from Mariano.

Many cons

In the second half, with the strength recovered, the Gasteiz team returned to take over the game. In ’58, Joselu, very intelligently, he guessed a bad pass from Courtois before the intense pressure from Albiazul and established the 0-2. The Belgian goal, despite conceding two goals, was the best of his soulless squad.

With this broad advantage, the Alaves He enjoyed the counter while his physique lasted, but failed to kill the game. It was the only one but on a historic and perfect day. Neither Luke
Perez in ’64, nor Joselu in ’69, nor Javi
Lopez in 89, they managed to sentence in the display of counterattacks.

Zidane desperately put Isco, Odegaard Y Mendy and the party split. The final ten minutes, with the slime foxes already exhausted, were a long agony. In ’83, Lejeune saved the 1-2 under the sticks. Casemiro, in a corner, he closed the gap in 86 and, in 96, in the last breath, the crossbar spat a great shot from Isco and avoided a tie that would have been unfair.

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