Gasoline at 1,176 euros; Diesel, at 1,084 euros

Low-cost stations already sell the liter below the euro

The price of fuels has fallen to lows of 2017 in full alarm. The price of a liter of gasoline is located in Spain at 1,176 euros and diesel or diesel at 1,084 euros.

The decrease in gasoline prices is 10.91% with respect to the data for the month of January. In his case, diesel has experienced a 13.07% drop, according to data from the European Union Oil Bulletin.

The alarm state restricts the free movement of vehicles. This has had a great impact both in the reduction of pollution in large cities and in the fall in fuel prices.

In the middle of the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic, the price of gasoline this week is 1,176 euros. 4.6% less than the previous week, so an even more drastic decline can be expected in the coming days. For his part, diesel is 1,084 euros. A 3.8% drop from last week.

According to data from the Ministry for Ecological Transition, the weekend is reached with an average price even lower than the previous ones. Gasoline is at 1,149 euros per liter while diesel reaches 1,062 euros per liter.

According to the portal specialized in Diesel or Gasoline fuels, there are low-cost service stations that already sell a liter of gasoline below the euro.


According to the Royal Decree that governs the state of alarm in Spain, yes. Gas stations are some of the few establishments that continue to operate normally during confinement.

Of course, the stations are open for those vehicles of drivers who have to go to work, carriers and security and health services. That is, you should not go to refuel if it is not a basic need. You have to continue at home to stop the spread of the virus.

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