Al natural! Ana Cheri enjoys the shower and shows off it

Al natural! Ana Cheri enjoys the shower and shows it off | Instagram

For many, the arrival of another month is more than exciting, several people consider April a cool month, so Ana Cheri showed off her charms while taking a delicious bath.

The beauty model American and social media celebrity Ana Cheri appeared in a micro video on his official Instagram account completely natural.

Only on a few occasions is it that we have seen her without any garment and apparently this is one of them, 3 days ago she shared this publication that has captivated her fans.

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Ana Cheri has the joy of being the possessor of a spectacular figure, which we continually see her exercising and also showing the results of her routines.


For fans of the model and businesswoman it is always a surprise to see her new content because she always finds a creative way to publish her sensuality, this clearly pleases her fans as she always has comments and wholesale likes.

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So far this video has more than 40 thousand reproductions and also has more than 300 comments by some Internet users who were more than shocked to see it without any garment.