Akt jet125 and victory mrx of 125 and 150 cc national premiere motorcycles colombia 2021

Three new motorcycles were recently presented in Colombia. AKT presented his entry scooter Jet 125 which is a return with the relevant renewal of this motorcycle that was sold in the country until 2013, and the others are from the enduro segment, the
Victory MRX 125 and 150 what does the group bring Auteco Mobility.

New AKT Jet 125

This is the return of a successful entry scooter that was sold in Colombia until about 7 years and that it returns renewed in aesthetics and mechanics to be located in the entry line of its segment since its price is almost 5 million pesos.

AKT Jet 125 2021

Keys to the AKT Jet 125

New design: new curved front fairing, halogen-type multifocal headlight, sport-design stop, storage compartment and hook in the footwell.

More comfortable driving position: in addition to its scooter-type configuration that offers greater handling comfort in urban traffic, its saddle also offers greater reach to all types of drivers since its height is 74 centimeters from the ground.

Motor: 124.6 cc of displacement delivering 7.5 hp @ 7500 rpm. Euro 3 technology.

Brakes: It has a disc with a double piston caliper on the front brake.

Lights: automatic ignition at all times.

Imported from Taiwan.

AKT Jet 125 2021

AKT Jet 125 2021

Price: 5 million pesos and it is available in three colors: white, matte black and black.

Warranty: 24 months or 24 thousand kilometers Y 5 free revisions in the nearly 500 service centers that the brand has in Colombia.


AKT leads so far 60,000 scooter marketed in Colombia.

Victory MRX 125

Victory MRX 125

125cc 150cc Victory MRX

These motorcycles are of the enduro type and are also very versatile for use in the city.

Keys to the Victory MRX 125

Motor: 125 cc with 9.65 horsepower @ 7,500 rpm
Torque: 9.2 Nm @ 6,000 rpm. Euro 3.
Brakes: disc brake forward
Directional in LEDs
Speedometer digital and gear indicator

Price: 5.5 million pesos. Colors: black, red, black with white, black with gray and black with blue.

Victory MRX 150

Victory MRX 150

Keys to the Victory MRX 150

Motor: 11.4 horsepower @ 7,000 rpm,
Torque: 11.5 Nm @ 5,500 rpm. Euro 3 regulation.
Brakes: front and rear disc.
Charger USB.
Speedometer digital, gear indicator.
Directional led type.
Weight: 120 kilos

Price: 6.5 million pesos. Colors: black, red, black with white, black with gray and black with blue.

Victory MRX 150

Victory MRX 150