Ajax opens the exit door for Onana


On at 21:31 CEST

The former Barça player, explained by the ‘ajaxied’ team’s own sporting director, Marc Overmars, I could have the hours counted defending the goal of the Amsterdam team. It is not a sporting issue, since Onana, until it was detected that she had tested positive in an anti-doping control in a Champions League match, had played every minute of the Eredivisie. The Cameroonian goalkeeper was sanctioned for 12 months from last February and to cover his loss, Ajax has already covered his position.

In that sense, during the celebration of the league title, the 35th in its history, Overmars pointed out that: “I think André is very likely to leave the club in the summer“The veteran Stekelemburg, has been taking advantage of the opportunity covering the goal in his absence, with very good performance. In the games that he has not been able to play, he missed some due to a knee injury, his position was taken by the young Kjell Scherpen .

Onana’s last game was this same January 31 And, after joining Ajax in 2014 from Barça, he has been a great asset to the club. His performance has not stopped growing and even on some occasion, there had been speculation with his return to the Barça entity.

Now, knowing that he will not be able to play games until the middle of the next season, we will see which team will be willing to hire him. On other occasions, a sanction has not prevented the incorporation of footballers, such as, for example, Luis Suárez, who signed for the same Barça with an active penalty.