AJ Styles WWE calls Paul Heyman a cheeky liar

AJ Styles WWE calls Paul Heyman a cheeky liar on his live stream. He also talks about his march to Smackdown.

Yesterday the intercontinental champion was doing a live broadcast for the Mixer platform, in said broadcast I speak without filters Paul Heyman, former boss of AJ Styles and From what AJ says it seems that they do not have a very good relationship.

AJ spoke about his departure from Raw and the rumors that have arisen as a result of his departure from the red mark.

“There were some rumors that I left RAW to go to SmackDown because I was being bullied. That can be The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard“Styles said. I mean, I’m a grown man. If there was some bullying that bothered me enough to leave RAW and go to SmackDown, I’d handle it, but that’s not the case. “

Paul Heyman is a liar

“In regards to the rumor about Paul Heyman and my anger at him because he didn’t take over Gallows and Anderson before they were released I will tell you now, «continued AJ. I’ll give you a snippet of what I, Gallows and Anderson already know, Paul Heyman is a liar. Now you know; I’m sure you’ve heard it before if you go back on your ECW days, they’ll hear that from any fighter who’s been with Paul. He is a shameless liar. That is my opinion of him. “

It shows that AJ is quite frustrated by the treatment his peers and friends Karl and Gallows received. Calling Heyman a liar may be for the following reason. It may be that the former manager of Raw promised a certain prominence to the faction that he later did not comply with and, to top it off, allowed Gallows and Anderson to be fired.

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