Mexico City. The singers Aitana and Reik They had to cancel plans to record the video for their single “Enemigos” together due to the Covid-19 pandemic. They even hesitated to launch a lyrical video, but they found the solution in an animation where the Spanish singer becomes a superheroine who save the music.

“When I was finished it was like ‘wow how cool!’, I would love to always be that fictional character, always like a superhero, it would be quite interesting, but outside the video I am a completely normal person”, Aitana said in a recent telephone interview about the single, whose video adds more than eight million views to a week of release. “Having an alter ego or an animation character seems very interesting to me.”

The singer closely followed the process of the video illustrated by the designer Laia López and animated by Alkimia Studio under the direction of Antistatic. Although animation projects tend to take a long time, the video, Aitana said, took about a month, which was good news after doubting whether they would make it. In it, Aitana fights against an enemy named Silencio that prevents musicians, including Reik, from playing their instruments.

“I am grateful to be able to work today,” said the singer, who was quarantining the Balearic Islands at home with her boyfriend, the actor from the “Elite” series. Miguel Bernardeau. “Grateful to be able to compose, I have a lot of free time to be able to compose, to be able to read a little, draw a little too.”

Her first meeting with Reik occurred about a year ago at an award ceremony in Spain. When Aikana’s proposal came to Reik, they did not hesitate to accept it because they remembered it very well after that occasion.

The trio from Mexicali, in northern Mexico, have had very popular collaborations with artists like Maluma (“Friends with benefits”), Sebastián Yatra (“One year”), as well as J Balvin and Lalo Ebratt (“Undecided”).

According to its vocalist, his criteria for accepting a collaboration are very simple: “If we like the artist, we will enter him,” he said. Jesus Navarro, who pointed out that after this important first step they like to experiment and propose especially with younger artists like Aitana.

“We have learned in recent years that one grows more with those who start because they have fresh ears, because they are doing new things, because they have fewer fears and less tricks than us and the older ones”Navarro said in a telephone interview from Mexico City.

“When we run into people who are undeniably talented, imagine that father being in that position where you are the one who brings a little light to an artist who is just getting started, what an honor to be able to do that for someone else as they did for us so many people ”he added.

The singer had the beginning of the crisis for Covid-19 in New York, where he normally resides. But seeing how the city was radically changing, he decided to return to Mexico so that he could be close to his sister during the quarantine.

“As soon as I could safely and responsibly I came here,” he said. “I feel that it feels less (the crisis) in Mexico than in New York, New York is so small territorially and people are so attached all the time and everything is so full, that to see it empty is shifted more, here it feels a little less “

After having been in two different metropolises, both seriously affected by the pandemic, Navarro has been surprised for the good of Mexico City to see that his spirits remain and most of the people try to respect the measures of social distancing.

“I am happy with the people I know from my country,” he said.

After the quarantine, Navarro would like to stay longer at home, because after 20 years of career in which he has practically lived traveling, the reunion with domestic life has been very good for him.

“The net (truth) is that it is okay father to be at home, fall asleep and wake up in the same place, and that your dog knows who you are, I would like to keep it, find a way not to be traveling all the time”, he pointed.

Although social distancing measures are being relaxed in different parts of the world, Navarro asked people to avoid crowds as much as possible and especially if where they live, such as in Mexico City, the most intense phases of epidemic.

“You have to stay home and that’s what is responsible”said the singer, who claims that his immune system “has seen everything” with so many trips and concerts. “I am going to stay at my house until they say that you can leave and I am really staying at home out of responsibility and for others … I think it has to do with empathy and information.”

For her part, Aitana said that the way in which activities will be resumed is still uncertain.

“I really think that nobody knows very well what this new normal is going to be like,” he said. “What I do know is that I would love to follow, read, draw and have time to compose … you have to know how to look for a moment from time to time.”