Aislinn Derbez prohibited Mauricio Ochmann from accepting projects | Instagram

Every time more rags come to the air regarding the relationship between Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann, because now after having filed the divorce suit, more things have come to light about when they were together.

It was only a few days ago that the photos of the petition for divorce Mauricio Ochmann interposed to separate himself from Aislinn Derbez.

There are some things that were not yet known or they were clear regarding their separation, but it was thanks to a person very close to both of them that more details were released about what was happening between them.

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Apparently the reason for their separation arose since Mauricio was no longer happy next to AislinnThey didn’t know what they really were like until they got married and lived together.

Dating was one thing and how things happened between them, a crush, but over time and already living together, he realized that he rushed to marry without having known Aislinn well ”.

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The adaptation maybe it was more complicated things in your relationship, Because they assure that it was quite difficult to adapt one with the other.

All of his friends can tell you that Aislinn is absorbing, too fickle and to a certain extent very immature, and Mauricio is not a saint either, but he is more relaxed ”.

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The difference of personalities It was very hard for them, because Aislinn initially tried to control Mauricio.

It prohibited her from accepting projects only because they were dates on which she had to shoot a movie. And I took the girl out of him. « 

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Aislinn told him that I had to refuse some job so that his little girl would not be left alone at home, because she wanted to continue doing her things but he did not allow it.

Out of love, he put up with her crazy things, but he got tired of her wanting to control him, and when Aislinn wanted to change, Mau told her that she was no longer happy by his side. « 

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According to the information provided by the close source, Mauricio wanted to divorce a long time ago, Because he told Aislinn that it was not fair for the two of them to continue with their marriage and he wanted to make her understand that there were more lawsuits, differences and discussions than happy and harmonious moments.

Despite this, the actress made it seem as if everything was perfect, because didn’t want to accept that things were wrong between them however has been going to therapies already healing courses, because without a doubt a separation is something very hard.