Aislinn Derbez and Daniela Magun react to Ricardo Ponce’s abuse report

Hours later, Daniela Magun took to her social networks to reveal that after hearing Maire’s complaint, she made the decision to abandon Ricardo’s retirement in which she had been for several days.

“First of all, I want to warmly thank everyone for their concern, I am fine and at home. This weekend I was invited by a friend from Ricardo Ponce’s team to one of my favorite places in Mexico, Bacalar Quintana Roo, for a retreat. With enthusiasm, I attended, “he said through a statement posted on his Instagram account.

Message from Daniela MagunI (Instagram)

Finally, he assured that although at no time did he feel vulnerable or in danger, he made the decision to leave the place, because he is against any type of abuse.

“In the two days I was there, at no time did I feel violated or in danger, however, last night, the existence of the video and the complaint from @maire_wink was made known to me, so at that moment I took the decision to withdraw and not return to the event. I always and forcefully speak out against any type of abuse, “he said.

Without denying the accusations against him, through his Instagram account Ricardo Ponce fixed his position in the face of the accusations that have been made against him. The coach explained that he had not discussed the issue because he will release a statement shortly to clarify what happened.

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