Aislinn and Mauricio sell their house, raise more suspicions of their separation | Instagram

Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann have been in the spotlight too much these past few weeks because of their alleged separation and a rumor recently emerged they sold their millionaire house, something that sparked more suspicion.

The couple through their social networks communicated to their followers what was happening between them, affirming that it is only one temporary separation to put your feelings in order.

But everything seems to indicate that things are not going in that direction since they recently put their house that is located in California for sale.

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This makes us think that things are more serious than they seemed, and that perhaps each one wants to take his way through different places.

Many people thought that their relationship Really had finished for a while since in the program they did together with the entire Aislinn family, he left some messages indicating that things were going pretty badly between them.

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Another sign was some Photos Mauricio shared with his partner Sandra Echeverría as they saw each other very close together and the descriptions he used were very loving, just like the ones Sandra published at the time.

Another thing that made everyone suspicious of their separation was that none of the two I published photos where they both came out, being that months before they shared everything they did together even in their stories of Instagram.

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Everything seems to indicate that since the month of November Last year the couple made the decision to sell their home where they lived for three years, according to the L.A Times.

At that time the house was sold by $ 195 thousand dollars and it is located in Studio City in Los Angeles, California.

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This luxurious house has 258 square feet which makes it a great mansion and ask why they want to sell it.

The mansion has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a very large kitchen, a room that has stacked stone fireplace And as if that were not enough, a large garden where his beautiful daughter used to play.

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Currently the house it sold in $ 1 million 195 thousand, being almost double what they acquired it.

This is not all, since it seems that the rumors of separation are ending, since apparently they sold that house to buy a much better one.

This was learned thanks to the journalist Nelssie Carrillo, who shared the images of the luxurious house they acquired in Sherman Oaks, California.