Vacation rental platform Airbnb prepares its IPO for the end of the year

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Airbnb prepare your departure to bag by the end of the year and plans to present the necessary documentation to the Commission of Bag and United States Securities in a public offering led by Morgan Stanley and, in a secondary role, Goldman Sachs, according to the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

In April, the CEO of the company, Brian Chesky, said in an interview that the company was working to present the documentation in March, but that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on world tourism canceled those plans due to the uncertainty generated so much by the virus as by the volatility of the markets.

The American company had announced in September last year its intention to make its stock market debut during 2020.

However, since the spring, Airbnb has managed to recover relatively quickly since, even though people decided not to travel, they continued to reserve houses near their habitual residence through this portal, reaching the peak of 1 million nights billed on July 8 worldwide , a figure that they had not registered since March 3.

The output to bag of Airbnb has been widely expected by analysts in recent years, who compare this movement with those of other firms of the so-called collaborative economy, such as the transport companies with driver Uber or Lyft.

The vacation rental platform was recently valued at about $ 18 billion, well below a previous estimate that put the company’s value at about $ 31 billion.

The company, based in San Francisco, is the largest platform for rental of vacation homes in the United States and, if its exit to bag, will join other companies that have also launched this year, such as Warner Music or Lemonade, which managed to carry out their public offering with relative success despite the pandemic.