Aidan Gallagher is asked to star in ‘Percy Jackson’

Goodbye Logan Lerman: Aidan Gallagher is asked to star in ‘Percy Jackson’
February 18, 2021 · 09:06 hs

The new adaptation of Rick riordan about the adventures of Percy jackson The cast has not yet been defined, but it could do so at any time because, apparently, the script for the pilot chapter is already authorized. Many fans hope to see Aidan gallagher like the son of Poseidon.

They ask that Aidan Gallagher be the new Percy Jackson.

In early 2020, Disney + announced that he was working on a new adaptation of the book series ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ by writer Rick Riordan. The series is currently in pre-production, with Riordan and his wife Becky serving as producers and writers for the first season, which will adapt the first book, ‘The Lighting Thief’.

Fans look forward to seeing the actor from ‘The Umbrella Academy’, Aidan Gallagher, as the new Percy Jackson. Remember that Logan Lerman he was the one who played the character in two film adaptations, ‘Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief’ Y ‘Percy Jackson: The Sea of ​​Monsters’, that left the public and critics a bit disappointed.

An American site asked its followers on Twitter who their top picks would be to play Percy Jackson in the upcoming Disney + series. The list has names like Aidan Gallagher, Jacob Trembley, Noah Jupe, Finn Wolfhard and Tom Holland’s brother, Harry Holland.

The most voted suggestion is that of a new and unknown actor for the role, so it is fair to assume that the audience wants a completely renewed look of the character. I mean, viewers love 17-year-old Aidan Gallagher, most famous for his role as Number Five on ‘TUA’.

Both the creators of the series and the public want a more authentic adaptation of the story this time. After all, books are young adult books, with characters written to relate to young adult problems.

There is no release date yet.