Aidan Gallagher introduced Madeleine Lucas to his fans

New love ?: Aidan Gallagher introduced Madeleine Lucas to his fans
February 21, 2021 · 23:00

Aidan gallagher is one of the most coveted singles in Netflix, starring ‘The Umbrella Academy’ as Number Five. Single until this Saturday ?: the 17-year-old actor did a live with his fans and introduced her « friend », Madeleine Lucas.

Aidan Gallagher with Madeleine Lucas in a live.

Several Aidan Gallagher fans became « jealous » of the girl, but who is Madeleine Lucas, better known as « Madd »? He is a well-known social media star and singer, who gained popularity on his Instagram account @maddlucas.

There, he shares a wide variety of content, currently accumulating more than 60,000 followers on the platform. Currently, she is the lead singer of the pop-punk band. Sick Sick Sicks.

The great unknown for the followers of the protagonist of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is where Aidan Gallagher meets Madeleine « Madd » Lucas. The answer is very simple: the ex-girlfriend of the UN Ambassador, Hannah McCloud, is the cause of this friendship.

Madeleine « Madd » Lucas, the famous singer and friend of Aidan Gallagher.

« Madd » Lucas is now 19 years old, while Aidan is only 17. They were very young when their relationship began and, without a doubt, neither of them is the same, physically and mentally. Puberty gave both teenagers a great boost.

The redhead remembered for her role in ‘Revenge’, Hannah McCloud, is no longer in the life of the Netflix actor and it seems that neither in that of the blonde singer. Will it be Gallagher’s chance for a new courtship?