AI Helps Recruit Massively Personnel, In Pandemic

“We are very focused on operational roles such as retail, banks, sales production, logistics, where the presence of candidates is necessary, but where we seek that recruiters can choose talent more quickly, especially in these moments where they could not lose time ”, stated Mateo Cavasotto, CEO and Co-founder of EmiLabs.

This, in addition to helping the recruitment process to be faster, raises a future trend on how the interaction with a bot may be an extra filter that is added in the selection process and therefore that certain practices are modified that until the moment they were common.

“Resumes do not necessarily show the candidates’ real interests, skills or motivations behind the job search, which can sometimes be more important than previous job titles or their highest title,” Emi Labs said.

This impacts beyond the operational jobs where Emi Labs focuses, since the need to find talent in more specialized professional roles has also relied on technology to continue recruiting. For example, software development professionals, where according to the Terminal platform, specialized in recruiting this talent, Mexico has a collaboration potential of 250,000 professionals in this area.

“Mexican software developers already have a lot of experience working on high impact projects and this teaches them to be creative and agile, but at the same time, attached to the highest quality standards”, says Alexandra Pinto, Head of Human Resources at Terminal in Latin America. “Various efforts have been made to support the growth of technology industries and create a favorable environment for software engineers, developers and programmers, among other areas.”

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic at a global level, remote work saw an exponential increase and the figures indicate that it will be a trend that will not subside. The CEO Outlook 2020 survey, conducted by KPMG Mexico, indicates that 82% of companies plan to reduce their office space, and also 88% will use remote collaboration tools permanently.

A Montage Research report 49% of recruiters in the world focused on retail and logistics already implement AI systems to search for new candidates and 56% of recruiters consider that this type of tool helps their teams to be more diverse and discrimination problems are avoided.