Águilas Cibaeñas make a change of four players with the Gigantes del Cibao

The Aguilas Cibaeñas put together a four-player change with the Giants of Cibaeo on the Dominican League-LIDOM.

When no one expected another trade, the Eagles acquired outfielder Jerar Encarnación and right-hander Jesús Liranzo from the Gigantes del Cibao at LIDOM.

While the Giants of Cibaeo they acquired pitcher Emilio Vargas and infielder Luis V Rodríguez.

Here the report:

The team that has made the most movements are the Aguilas Cibaeñas in the dead season of the tournament LIDOM, for Angel Ovalles they are the most convenient and therefore, they are being executed. In recent seasons the Eagles have had

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