Agreement extended for private care for covid patients

Covid-19 patients will continue to be treated in private clinics, this because President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he will extend the agreement he has with hospitals in order to « guarantee better care for those affected. »

This new extension of the agreement adds 50 hospitals, which have 150 beds each to provide the necessary care to the country’s patients, this with the help of doctors trained to treat the condition.

Private hospitals will treat Covid patients. Photo: Reforma

As announced, the new agreement was made in order to continue providing medical care to Covid patients in the hospitals that were already part of the agreement and other new ones that were added, this to control the number of cases of the disease .

For its part, the Mexican Foundation for Health (Funsalud) mentioned that it will help distribute the coronavirus vaccine when it is ready. President López Obrador added that the hospitals that are part of this agreement will continue to provide medical care both to patients who arrive for Covid-19 and to those who enter for other types of diseases.

The Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, assured that people have done their part to control the outbreak of the disease and said that the number of deaths has decreased thanks to the prevention campaign that they have implemented since last March.

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