Un Homme Ordinaire, a series broadcast from September 15 on M6, retraces the life of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, accused of the murder of his wife and 4 children. Pierre Aknine, the director of the work told Paris Match that he had been able to count on the support of a close relative in order to be faithful to the characters.

The affair has fascinated the whole of France for nine years already. In 2011, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès would have killed his wife and four children before taking flight to never reappear. Since then, the man remains not found despite the presence of numerous reports.

This summer, the magazine Society devoted two issues to this investigation like no other which continues to mobilize many police officers. Aware of this extraordinary enthusiasm aroused by this news item, the M6 ​​channel decided to make a series of it.

A realistic adaptation

Fiction of four episodes An ordinary man will be broadcast from September 15. Directed by Pierre Aknine (Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, State Crime …), the series is inspired by the Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès case. The only differences: the scene takes place in Lyon and the family bears the name of Salin. Anna Badel, the screenwriter of the work and companion of the director is also a psychoanalyst. As a duo, they worked for a year and a half on the history of this seemingly smooth family which nevertheless hid many secrets. Complex, the personality of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès was dissected for days. In order to be as close as possible to reality, Pierre Aknine even surrounded himself with relatives of the victims.

Agnes’ brother, precious support

In an interview with Paris Match, the director of An Ordinary Man confides that he had the chance to meet Guillaume Hodanger, the brother of Agnès Dupont de Ligonnès. Bruised, the latter had never wanted to evoke the disappearance of his sister and his nephews until then.

The brother was more a support than a revealer, but it allowed us to better understand this family.

Explains Pierre Aknine to the weekly.

Guillaume Hodanger would have been very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​such a program emerging.

A golden role for Arnaud Ducret

An actor with a sympathetic or even comical aura, Arnaud Ducret lends his features to Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. Yet the actor almost had to give up this role that he has so loved. Indeed Pierre Aknine and Anna Badel were somewhat frightened by the comic image of the forty-something. However, from the first tests, the comedian was convincing:

When Arnaud puts on the glasses, he becomes the character. It is freezing.

Released from next Tuesday, the series should break audience records.